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Batik Blocks
Called the Batik Block, this piece of mould,
transfer the molten wax
onto the fabric while
creating designs on
both side of the fabric.

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It is interesting to note that good batik printing lies in the use of stripped stems of the banana tree trunk which is spread on the table as the base layer is laid. This is because the "coolness" of the banana stem quickens the cooling of the molten wax used in the printing process as well as helps to set the wax.

The printing process begins by stamping the desired motif repetitively on the fabric with molten wax by means of a metal block. The wax block-out the areas of the fabric to be retained white or for the consequtive prints while the exposed areas will be dyed with the first color applied.

Metal block designed according to the desired motif and is hand-crafted.

Accuracy while making the print is a must, to maintain the consistency of the wax applied onto the fabric.

A workplace of a blockprinter, a blockprint table that holds a piece of thick sponge covered with glass paper that allows the coolness process when wax is applied onto the fabric. A stove that keeps the molten wax boiling and finally the visitors that comes visiting.