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Batik Beach Wrap
Mary will put the final touch on how a beach-wrap is worn to our belove guest.

Batik Demo
A sales staff demostration
the method of wearing
a beachwrap.

Batik in Catwalk
Oftenly, it's Batik was one of the main highlights for the many pageants that took place in Penang.
This tradtional Batik attires was sponsored for the Miss Malaysian Tourism 2006.
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Craft Batik

Tropical Fruit Farm

Kasina Rent-A-Car

After the factory tours, guests, locally and abroad, are brought to the showroom to make their choices of this
exclusive Traditional Batik.

A variety of ready made Batik is available for all.

Well, this piece look great!

As usual, a smile is always worn to greet all guests.

Ready for the beach?

Welcome to Malaysia.

Mary always help out with a smile.

After making their choices of Batik, it's time to make another interesting visit elsewhere, and Mary will sure
send the guests with a goodbye wave.

A view from the town showroom situated before the entrance to the Penang Botanical Garden, is also visited
by tourist, from abroad and local.

The tourist looked in awesome way on how a simple piece of beachwrap could easily worn and could
be worn in many ways.